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New Customer Additions

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New Customer Additions

Who are Far North?

Far North Sales & Marketing Consultancy are all-encompassing Business Development specialists. Our aim is growth, your growth.
We understand that the overhead of permanent experienced members of a team may be a step too far. Maybe you would like to take a product to market, run a fresh pair of eyes over the sales process or just get over a lean period.

We can help.

What can Far North do for you?

We aim to fulfil your growth potential by reviewing your existing marketing plan and business strategy or developing a new, bespoke business model.
Therefore, we focus on increasing turnover and new customer additions, we take clients into new territories and diverse industries.

Far North Sales and marketing consultancy takes the pain away from our clients having to partner with multiple unproven organisations to provide a particular product or service. Above all, we ensure the business is aligned holistically, reviewing the value proposition and associated sales process and overarching marketing plan. One partner providing accelerated growth and efficiency.

Our consultants have assisted hundreds of businesses across many diverse markets. In addition to their expertise in manufacturing, engineering, software, marketing, finance, PR and IT.

Be ready for change…

Far North

 Communication and Strategy

Sales and marketing

Focussing on increasing turnover

Our Story

"Far North was established in my mind many years ago.
Previous to Far North I spent 15 years as a global sales professional; ultimately heading up commercial departments with responsibility for overall business development across Technology and Engineering organisations.
Over the years I have worked with many personalities and stakeholders with such differing views on how to increase sales.  In larger organisations I often experienced barriers to sales put up by various departments, colleagues usually focussing on the technical specifications or nervousness around lead times. These opinions inevitably affected how the sales & marketing department operated.
Far North was borne to influence communication and strategy. In other words, a fresh pair of external eyes to assist in growth and ensure that we enjoy ourselves along the way."

Ian Farrar, Founder.

Ian is the lead trainer, business coach and host of our podcast Industry Angel

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