Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

I had a podcast interview scheduled yesterday. Actually rescheduled. Last week I was sat at my desk at the agreed time, Skype running, recording software ready, mic and headset donned… and the guest didn’t connect. After emailing him a few times I got a response, he was going to have to reschedule. The same situation happened with him yesterday. Although there was no email response this time (still none). But it did get me thinking, it got me thinking about ‘to be yourself’. This has been a really common theme when I have interviewed my guests. The scarlet pimpernell-esque, would-be guest (I’m not bitter eh) speaks frequently in public about engaging his community and communicating well using social channels. The more I scratch the surface the more I see people paying lip service to such an attitude. They do this via speaking gigs, sometimes edgy, controversial and motivating, often wowing crowds who subsequently become followers “this guy really cares”…really really? They grow their personal brand to a level where it becomes unsustainable to interact with everyone. It takes time to blog, tweet, answer emails. Would you be happy receiving a response from an ‘influencer’ if you found out it was one of their assistants?

Utilising Video Platforms

There are many great influencers out there who now utilise the many video platforms to engage with their community. Tools such as PeriscopeSnapchat, Facebook Live and now YouTube live have all played their part, video is certainly taking hold. Video is a great medium and we can learn so much from whom we wish to follow. Live video is interesting as we learn a lot about the individual, it’s hard to be so scripted as the content is often their thoughts, event check-ins or ad hoc capture. A bit like podcasting you aren’t as polished, you’re exposed, it becomes reactive, live, from within…it’s you. Being you is what we all should strive for. Why fake a job interview and spend a year playing out a role that isn’t for you…or the employer. Conversely why sell a candidate down the river with promises of life changing commission and an amazing culture. Why win the contract that you can’t deliver correctly and jeopardise your reputation. Stay you, it’s why your friends like you, it’s why your partner loves you, it’s why you read this now… It’s so attractive that people will want to do business with you. Clients will try their hardest to work with you because they like your integrity and trustworthiness. You become the brand rather than your value proposition. Stay true to yourself, you’re amazing…really really!

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