7 Alternative Sales Tips

Here are 7 Alternative Sales Tips to help you gain sales and receive a return on investment for the effort you’re putting in. 1. No networking is bad networking Ease up on the measurement, include a mixture of events. Give them a decent length of time before bailing out. I’ve lost count how many times…

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Technology – you’ve been told you need it.

Now and again we come across companies who approach us with a ‘need’ for technology. When we ask what the drivers are, we hear signs of uncertainty. Maybe the unit next door has just implemented a fantastic new stock system. Or perhaps an e-commerce website, or has began to use EDI (Electronic data interchange) for invoicing. Sure…

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How to Get Featured on Podcasts

So, you want to get featured on podcasts. Follow this 20 point method and you’ll slide straight through the gates. The priority of the podcast host is their audience. If you’d like to address this audience, you’re going to have to reassure the host that you won’t jeopardize what they have worked extremely hard to create…

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Three Little Words

So, I’m sitting in the garden with a cuppa, soaking up the sun and reflecting on what has been an inspiring week. I’d like to share with you one message I received from a client this week (permission was granted). I’ve been coaching this chap for a few months now and he shared with me…

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sales funnel

  Sales Funnel How to perfect your sales funnel Here are typical stages of a cold ‘reach out’, email / sales funnel, each message getting slightly more aggressive;   1: Buy my stuff, check me out, we’re amazing 2: Hey, for the last 8 years in biz we’ve done XYZ 3: OK, I guess you…

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I love tight briefs

tight briefs

I love tight briefs. The tighter the better.And, it is my job to tighten them. Let me explain. A client contacts me and asks me for my help. The majority of the time, the goal is lead generation, new business…let’s not mess around here. It’s MOULA. Which my friends, is not a dirty word. It’s…

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Content Marketing

Industry Angel Podcast Ep 52 Content Marketing Ian discusses lead generation with content marketing, broadcasting on social media, not engaging and slack connecting on LinkedIn. Award winning Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Coach Ian Farrar, is host of the chart topping Industry Angel Business Podcast. Ian is also the founder of Sales & Marketing consultancy Far North Ltd.

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Influencer Marketing Vs Employee Advocacy

Industry Angel Podcast Ep 53 Influencer Marketing Vs Employee Advocacy Ian answers questions from last week’s show about Influencer Marketing. He also promotes Employee Advocacy. Ian discusses; Influencer marketing return Customer Influencing Employee Advocacy Social Media Policies Humanising the business   Award winning Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Coach Ian Farrar, is host of the chart topping Industry…

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Your social media posts are being ignored.

social media

Your Social Media Posts are being Ignored! How you can change this All too often my social media messages are being ignored from other businesses. Now, I could take this to heart and feel like I’ve nothing worthy to say.  OR I could share with you the TRUTH, that they are flat out, NOT listening.…

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