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Fifteen reasons why we shouldn’t work together

coaching 15 reasons not to work with me

I was coaching a client recently who had a gut feeling that a project he had been asked to work on may go sour.  Obviously we discussed the scope of supply, the terms, the commercials, but he seemed nervous about the personality of the client.  Jokingly (half-jokingly?) I suggested he should write a blog article ‘ten reasons…

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Zero To £45,000 – Standing Out From The Crowd

In my 21 years in the freight forwarding industry, I have always tried to find new ways to make money for the family business, I find it fascinating to try and attempt a new idea and love seeing it come off, even more so when there is a great financial reward for my efforts… Of…

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Facebook like a pro!

Facebook Ad

Where were you when Bellew beat Haye? This weekend my wife and I enjoyed a rare night out with friends at a local theatre.  It was a good show, although it overran and I found myself watching the clock, thinking about the big fight. As the show ended we rushed downstairs into the green room,…

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Opportunity lies in mistakes

SEO Tips

Mistakes, who sir? Me sir? I LOVE it when I hear clients say they’ve made a mistake. If you know me and you have shared your mistake with me, I usually (and annoyingly) shout “BOOM let’s get on it”.  This is because it is now your time to shine. There is no better time to…

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BGOB. Achieving Profitable Growth in 2017

Business Growth Online Bootcamp

Do you have dreams of 2017 being a highly profitable year in your business? Could it be your best year yet? The answer to these questions should be YES, and I want to help you achieve those goals. What better way to start your journey to an amazing year in business than with access to…

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Screw Best Practice

Best practice tips

In a well-attended strategy meeting recently, we discussed implementing a very unique and exciting project. It would radically change the way a certain part of the organisation worked and make many of our end user’s lives better. With all decisions in life, the pros and cons are weighed accordingly, to ensure the best outcome. At the…

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I’m kind of a big deal.

Interview Techniques

I had an unusual and unforgettable interview for a Sales Director position a few years back. It was for a pretty big and well known organisation…which is unlike me, I love the SME space, but I digress. I meet with the Group Sales Director, Terry. Terry starts the game, you know the one. The one…

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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Be yourself everyone else is taken

I had a podcast interview scheduled yesterday, actually rescheduled, as last week I was sat at my desk at the agreed time, Skype running, recording software ready, mic and headset donned and the guest didn’t connect. After emailing him a few times I got a response, he was going to have to reschedule. The same…

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Recruitment agencies, do them a favour

Interview coach Recruitment

Recruitment There are some fantastic recruitment companies out there, some contributing great content on Networking sites such as LinkedIn Some specialise and have a niche in a particular field, job role and seniority level.  Some are targeted at the larger organisations, some well established with a prestigious office in a fruitful location, some punch well…

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North East Manufacturing – The Oil & Gas Downturn

Oil & Gas Precision Engineering

Oil & Gas The world-leading UK oil & gas supply chain generates tens of billions of pounds a year in sales, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs across our country. Sadly, over 70,000 jobs across the UK oil and gas sector have now gone since the turn of 2015.  Oil prices sit below $30 per…

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