Is Your Business Model Robust?

Rethink your business model around clear customer needs, align your value proposition.

Business Model Workshop | One Day

Who is this masterclass aimed at?

These Tyne & Wear based, business model workshops are suitable for senior leadership teams. Therefore, including CEO's, sales, marketing, strategy, technology and finance leads across all business sectors.

The programme is aimed at:-

  • Ambitious businesses with capacity for high growth
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to know how to create a business model and who would like to ensure their current planned model is robust
  • Business owners planning to launch a new innovation and take a product to market
  • Technology led businesses
  • Innovative organisations

Presented by Ian Farrar, this engaging training takes your team on a business journey. We can learn so much from how other organisations have adapted their sales strategy due to market forces. We present model examples from successful brands such as Xerox, McDonalds, Nestle and Hilti. Also, we discuss the change in buying trends and the need to pivot to avoid business failure. Taking teams out of their current thought process and looking at diverse companies and innovative ways of working can deliver remarkable outcomes.

Business Model Canvas

A business model describes how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. Framing the model within the canvas, consisting of nine main building blocks, helps to increase the understanding of how a business operates and encourages discussion, creativity and analysis.

Firstly, to begin the planning process we can facilitate a workshop using the Canvas template. The Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. So, allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent and pivot your business model. Furthermore, the visual chart includes elements that help capture your products or services, value proposition, company infrastructure, customers and finances.
Our group workshop can assist sales, marketing and management teams in aligning their activities. The brainstorming session can help your team put themselves in the customers shoes, thinking about their needs and wants....whilst scribbling on and juggling with many sticky notes!

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas makes explicit how you are creating value for your customers. Therefore, it helps you to design products and services your customers want.  In addition to this, the Value Proposition design workshop helps you tackle a core challenge of every business — creating compelling products and services customers want to buy.

Before you design a solution or develop the features of your value proposition, you want to make sure you understand what matters most to your customers. What are the potential jobs, pains and gains they experience and can you address those customer needs?

Janett Walker

Co-Founder, Flock

"I had the pleasure of meeting Ian this week at the Lancaster University Management School course. Ian was delivering the Cumbria Forum’s session on Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition. He was clear and focused; his session stood out because he drew us in, made sure we participated and that he had a sense of the businesses in the room so he could put his delivery into context.

He also made it fun and engaging and on a personal note I was pleased to see diversity included in his presentation slides. Thumbs up all round. Thanks Ian."

Samantha Read

Managing Director, APM Cleaning & Repair

"I have been lucky enough to receive coaching on the Value Proposition from Ian a couple of times. Excellent delivery style and a demonstrable track record with RESULTS. Thanks Ian, look forward to the next time I need help."

Dave Anderson

Multi-Award Winning Social Entrepreneur. Philanthropist, Founder/Managing Director Heartwood Skills CIC, Consultant SEN Teacher

"I would thoroughly recommend Ian for any training requirements you need especially training on Business Model Canvas. Ian easily creates a great rapport and is extremely approachable. Heartwood Skills will be inviting Ian back again."

Lima A.

Marketing and Business Development Manager

"I’m Very chuffed to invest my time listening to Ian between taking advices to face some challenges, It’s been great ,my Vision is better now despite tough market conditions… We are in a good place. My hours and stress levels have reduced and more time is devoted to the key tasks that really matter.

I’ve learnt so much. I feel much more entrepreneurial and focused on developing my team, so they continue to perform to an even higher standard. They are incredibly excited about our transformation through coaching and our future direction. We have much clearer targets and KPI’s that we now track regularly.

I'm looking forward for the next few months , further business growth (profit) to maximise the profits and building my investment skills too, all using Ian’s help."

Claire Robinson

CEO, Certified Dare to Lead and Daring Way Facilitator, Social Worker

"Ian is an engaging and professional facilitator. The workshop I participated in helped to make the business model canvas process even more accessible. We covered a lot of ground, in a short workshop, at the end of a full day. Ian's delivery ensured that I left feeling positive and motivated with a clear, executable plan."

Dawn Vickers

Managing Director at DanceSyndrome

"Having attended a recent training session delivered by Ian all about the business value proposition, I can thoroughly recommend this training to any weary business owner who is crying (not you macho types of course) over their business plan and/or trying to wade through the melee of business modelling tools to make much-needed changes that the board/colleagues/stakeholders are battling with.

Ian will give you the practical tools to sort it out in his straight-forward, disarming and authentic way - you'll like the guy and he's an expert in his subject! Your board/customers/clients will think you're a genius and you'll makes lots of money. Worth a try? I think so. Consider yourself recommended Mr Farrar."


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