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Here are typical stages of a cold ‘reach out’, email / sales funnel, each message getting slightly more aggressive;   Email 1: Buy my stuff, check me out, we’re amazing Email 2: Hey, for the last 8 years in biz we’ve done XYZ Email 3: OK, I guess you must be busy, but we really…

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I love tight briefs

i love tight briefs

I love tight briefs. The tighter the better.And, it is my job to tighten them. Let me explain. A client contacts me and asks me for my help. The majority of the time, the goal is lead generation, new business…let’s not mess around here. It’s MOULA. Which my friends, is not a dirty word. It’s…

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Millennials. Not for me.

Millennials and Baby Boomers

We are in an age where labeling people can be a dangerous act, it’s walking a thin HR line…. Although if you were born between 1980 and 1999 (Generation Y) you may be proudly labeling yourself, as a Millennial. Millennial is a frequently used term now, if you have a LinkedIn account you’ll know that,…

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Fifteen reasons why we shouldn’t work together

coaching 15 reasons not to work with me

I was coaching a client recently who had a gut feeling that a project he had been asked to work on may go sour.  Obviously we discussed the scope of supply, the terms, the commercials, but he seemed nervous about the personality of the client.  Jokingly (half-jokingly?) I suggested he should write a blog article ‘ten reasons…

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Zero To £45,000 – Standing Out From The Crowd

In my 21 years in the freight forwarding industry, I have always tried to find new ways to make money for the family business, I find it fascinating to try and attempt a new idea and love seeing it come off, even more so when there is a great financial reward for my efforts… Of…

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Screw Best Practice

Best practice tips

In a well-attended strategy meeting recently, we discussed implementing a very unique and exciting project. It would radically change the way a certain part of the organisation worked and make many of our end user’s lives better. With all decisions in life, the pros and cons are weighed accordingly, to ensure the best outcome. At the…

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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Be yourself everyone else is taken

I had a podcast interview scheduled yesterday, actually rescheduled, as last week I was sat at my desk at the agreed time, Skype running, recording software ready, mic and headset donned and the guest didn’t connect. After emailing him a few times I got a response, he was going to have to reschedule. The same…

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North East Manufacturing – The Oil & Gas Downturn

Oil & Gas Precision Engineering

Oil & Gas The world-leading UK oil & gas supply chain generates tens of billions of pounds a year in sales, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs across our country. Sadly, over 70,000 jobs across the UK oil and gas sector have now gone since the turn of 2015.  Oil prices sit below $30 per…

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Business Podcast has launched

Industry Angel iTunes Podcast

Industry Angel Business Podcast storms into the charts Hopefully you have subscribed (and left a rating & review, it really helps) to the Industry Angel Business Podcast and enjoyed listening to our fantastic guests based globally. Since launch we have enjoyed our position in New & Noteworthy in iTunes. We are the number one UK…

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