How to Get Featured on Podcasts

So, you want to get featured on podcasts. Follow this 20 point method and you’ll slide straight through the gates. The priority of the podcast host is their audience. If you’d like to address this audience, you’re going to have to reassure the host that you won’t jeopardize what they have worked extremely hard to create…

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Podcasters: Don’t Be A Lone Ranger.


Thinking of starting a podcast? If you are reading these words you either host a podcast or you are thinking of launching one. If you aren’t either of these, you’re welcome to consume these words. What’s the worst that could happen? Well you could end up launching a podcast, that’s what! I over exaggerate, it’s…

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Business Podcast has launched

Industry Angel Business Podcast storms into the charts Hopefully you have subscribed (and left a rating & review, it really helps) to the Industry Angel Business Podcast and enjoyed listening to our fantastic guests based globally.Since launch we have enjoyed our position in New & Noteworthy in iTunes.We are the number one UK North East based podcast! To shape…

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