Productivity Can Be Fun

Max Productivity Using The Pomodoro Technique With the ever increasing weapons of mass distraction how do you ensure you hit a high level of productivity? The email notifications, text messaging and the lure of social media can be distracting. Sometimes a welcome distraction (but one that must be controlled if you wish to master productivity). During a recent project…

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I love tight briefs

tight briefs

I love tight briefs. The tighter the better.And, it is my job to tighten them. Let me explain. A client contacts me and asks me for my help. The majority of the time, the goal is lead generation, new business…let’s not mess around here. It’s MOULA. Which my friends, is not a dirty word. It’s…

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Business Podcast has launched

Industry Angel Business Podcast storms into the charts Hopefully you have subscribed (and left a rating & review, it really helps) to the Industry Angel Business Podcast and enjoyed listening to our fantastic guests based globally.Since launch we have enjoyed our position in New & Noteworthy in iTunes.We are the number one UK North East based podcast! To shape…

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Do you fear winning new business?

winning new business

Many businesses tell me that they would take on more work if they could only be sure that their production teams would be able to handle the work. Have you been in this situation? I have worked with many businesses that have said the same thing. The remedy, in most cases, is to sort out…

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