Should I connect with everyone on LinkedIn?

Here is TEN Reasons NOT to connect with anyone and everyone on LinkedIn.

Would you accept a business card from a stranger walking past in the street?
connect on linkedin
Don’t follow the herd

So, you’re wanting to connect on LinkedIn? Here are ten reasons to make you think about hovering over the Accept button…

  1. You will have a relevant professional network, your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) measures this as ‘Find the Right People’.
  2. You will have an interested network who support and engage with your content
  3. It reduces wasted time, so avoiding scrolling through a feed of irrelevant content
  4. Serial connectors often follow up with a series of sales funnel messages. This can clog up your inbox and waste your time reading in case it is actually important
  5. Hopefully it will filter through to scattergun owners that this strategy sucks
  6. Avoids ‘mutual’ connections which often makes your network connect to them because you have connected
  7. It allows the algorithm to understand who you are actually suited to
  8. Your timeline won’t be infiltrated by click bait and buy my shizzle 
  9. You’ll feel liberated, cleansed, as well as better looking
  10. You’ll feel great that you haven’t been ‘reached out’ to and no one has ‘circled back’

Founder of Far North, Sales professional and entrepreneur Ian Farrar has over 20 years in global business development roles. With a strong, network of influential contacts to call on, Ian has founded, scaled and exited companies in his native North East, UK.

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  1. Ian Farrar on 12th October 2020 at 14:19

    The Social Selling Dashboard is a really interesting tool! Thanks Mischa!

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