tight briefs

I love tight briefs

I love tight briefs.

The tighter the better.
And, it is my job to tighten them.

Let me explain.

A client contacts me and asks me for my help. The majority of the time, the goal is lead generation, new business…let’s not mess around here. It’s MOULA. Which my friends, is not a dirty word. It’s what keeps the lights on, there’s no need to be afraid of it…I digress.
OK campaigns…let’s kick into gear. Now I begin to tease out the benefits of working with you. Your experience, your USP’s (unique selling points), the fact that you guys rock. We discuss your target market and the industries you thrive in. We drill into your buying persona (your ideal customer) and where they hang out. If we know this, we will hang out there too. Like we did in the discotheque back in the day.
We discuss your budget and the strategy for attack. How much work can you actually handle? What is your capacity like? When could you deliver the project, would you need to bring another body in to cover the workload? Nice problems to have.
So, although I love tight briefs, they are pretty rare. Because that’s my role. I tighten.  Stay in my lane.  I can’t run a CNC machine, write a line of code or compile a risk assessment. But I can tighten the heck out of briefs and launch a triumphant sales and marketing plan.

My call to action.

Let’s get together, tighten our briefs and smash the hell out of the remaining months of 2017! Ian. PS let me know how you ensure YOUR briefs are tight!

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Ian is also the founder of Sales & Marketing consultancy Far North Ltd.

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