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There is definitely room for improvement…

But I’m happy…ish 😊



However, there is definitely room for improvement…


LinkedIn, here are my TOP 5 wished for LinkedIn Stories;

1. Interactive features. Such as;
– Polls on stories, where you can view responses.
– Questions that you can ask and then, share and respond to connections answers in further stories. 
– Interactive mini multi-choice quizzes, where connections can select an answer.

2. Ability to view stories on profiles. For example, when a profile picture is clicked on it could display the persons story, rather than their profile picture.
Without this we have to scroll along to find the story we are looking for.

3. Story Highlights! So being able to save your stories and store them under one collage of stories, with the functionality to name them and pin to profiles.

4. Facility to view stories on desktop. 

5. Boomerangs. Just because they’re fun 😋

Expect Far North to spam you with the LinkedIn Stories, sorry in advance!

How to use LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories allow you to share videos or pictures that last 24 hours, with features including the addition of text, tagging accounts, stickers and the question of the day.

The stories will appear in bubbles along the top of your feed, where you can tap to view.

There is also an option to message someone straight from their story. Therefore creating a huge opportunity to create much more personal dialogue with your connections.

What should you post on your story?

Well, whatever you want!

LinkedIn stories are a great way to share shorter bits of content that you may not want on your LinkedIn feed.

Here are 3 tips on what to post on your LinkedIn story;

1. Useful tips and tricks.

Having something like a ‘Daily Tip’ can really give value to your connections and spark conversation, which can enhance relationships and really help people develop their knowledge.

2. Share real time ‘Behind the Scenes’ updates

Since LinkedIn Stories have a short lifespan, they’re perfect for sharing behind the scenes, raw footage from your day. Such as a shot of your office or studio. This sort of footage would also work really well for showing activities from a live event.

3. Get creative

Stories are a way to share more funny and authentic moments. Authenticity is a great way to add personality to your business and allow people to get to know the people behind it. As well as this, encouraging relationship building, as people buy from people rather than a faceless brand.

We can’t wait to see your stories!

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  1. Ian Farrar on 7th December 2020 at 13:42

    Love this Mischa, I’m sure they will keep polishing it and adding more functionality when you demand it

    PS we lurrrrve your spam

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