Pecha Kucha ST

There’s one thing for sure. We’ve not seen our business community as much as we should have.

We’re all out of the swing of things.

Let’s sort that out right now…well April 7th.

10 lucky (and brave) peeps will have the chance to present their business to the audience.
Pecha Kucha stylee 😁


There will 20 slides, each one displayed for 20 seconds, giving a company 400 seconds to tell their story.


Presentations should be concise (the less words, the more valuable the speech becomes).

Great visuals

The images and text much reflect each other rather than being in opposition.


The slides will be on auto to ensure that each slide is on for 20 seconds.


One More than Two Brew

Presentation Application

If you would like to be one of the ten businesses to present please message us with your business name and a brief description. We are looking to include a wide range of businesses present on the night. If you aren’t lucky this time we will be repeating this event…if you want us to😅 !

Tickets here

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