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Each week I interview guests from the world of business and ask them to share their story with you, the podcast listeners.

We will hear from business leaders and entrepreneurs discussing their ups and downs, their light bulb moments and a host of other golden nuggets we can learn from.

Our guests are chosen for their individual, inspiring and motivating stories and are recorded for you to listen to, anytime, anywhere.

Our free podcasts can be accessed at, iTunes and Spotify.
You can listen on the Industry Angel website or download to your USB drive, mp3 player or phone to enjoy when you are on the move.
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Happy Listening,
Ian Farrar (Host).

iTunes Reviews

"Wow, love my weekly podcast episode with Ian. He makes the guests so comfortable that they share unreal content that I would never get a chance to hear."

"As usual Ian, fantastic content from you. An easy listen on the journey to work to get you fired up for the day. Looking forward to the next one already. "


"Really good idea! Very inspirational. It's great to hear ideas and stories from different speakers. Listened to all the interviews so far and already took precious notes."

"Keep your eyes and ears on this guy - he's going far! This podcast breaks the mould - really down to earth and helpful content."

"Genuine interview content from REAL people without all the sales pitch. First rate interview technique. I downloaded all episodes for my commute."

Listen to an Episode on Social Marketing Strategy here.
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could also buy the time to read them ."
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