Are you starting a new business or launching a new product?

Are you facing challenges in your market or your industry?

Would you like to diversify into other industries and increase sales?

Industry Expertise

When faced with change, many businesses don't have time to sit down, plan and strategise.  Our experts have years of experience and success to draw on in this area.

Sales Assessment

We will assess your priorities and gain a snapshot of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
We will review our industry, value proposition, current clients and prospects.

Goal Setting

We work with you to identify your goals and challenges. providing you with practical and measurable steps for achieving them.
The goal is up to's usually customer acquisition!

Outsourced Sales

We understand the difficult decision to commit to adding to the sales team and the process in finding a stellar candidate. So, here are some of the concerns we hear from our clients.

  • Business Development Professionals command such a high salary.
  • We don't know whether to bring in a junior and train them or find an experienced team member.
  • In addition to the salary it is a large investment for the tools of the trade such as car, phone, laptop.
  • Sales Professionals are requesting we provide six months guaranteed commission before they commit to us.
  • What if after 6-12 months they aren't performing.

With this feedback Far North launched our outsourced sales service.  Our highly experienced sales professionals work within your business hitting the ground running.  You have access to tried and tested commercial rockstars at a commitment that suits you!

Sales Strategy

An early objective is to research the current split between new business sales (NBS) and account management (AM) across the Business Development functions.
Existing CRM customer databases can be assessed with a view to interrogating historical information. New data can also be acquired and strategic marketing planned. Far North can also evaluate and implement a cost effective replacement CRM system, laying foundations for the Sales and Marketing team.

Market and competitor research can be undertaken. This research will identify possible new territories and lucrative industries to focus on. A goal being to expand the customer base and market segment.
This competitor information will also help to influence decisions such as possible R & D, commercial reviews, website enhancements etc.

Online Marketing

To succeed in the fiercely competitive online marketing environment, Far North can work with you to focus on smaller-scale, shorter-term initiatives that allow you to quickly launch and measure your online digital marketing campaign.
Far North can create or redesign your website, a key component of your online success. We then begin to drive traffic, following an agile digital social media strategy and measure the results. Once this has been implemented, you have all the tools at your disposal to continue to optimize your efforts. This drive and measure process can be optimised by implementing social media activities, blogging and search engine optimization (SEO).
In addition to digital marketing we understand the importance of the printed word and PDF creation. With the Far North PR team we can write content, design the document and manage the print run, from business card to exhibition stand.

How Can I increase Sales? Top 10 Questions.

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Sales Process

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In addition to your business, we research your industry, current data, goals, common objections,
current key clients, and your USP’s.