How to Dominate Social Media

NO longer is this B2B or B2C marketing it’s P2P, person to person.

Social Media Training | Half Day

Who is this masterclass aimed at?

This unique social media workshop is suitable for sales and non-sales professionals who wish to grow their client base and acquire long terms customers.
Our delegates wish to delight the world with their products and to sell to clients who they call friends.

Course Overview

This unique workshop is designed for results based, engagement on your social channels. We will discuss how to utilise the best platforms for your business and to create outstanding content used at the optimal time for your audience. Delegates will become relationship and engagement fans… not impression gathers.

You may have attended a social media workshop and been introduced to some of the platforms that you are now using.  BUT, is it working for you and do you have a social strategy?

Forget vanity metrics ‘How to Dominate’ will provide you with the skills to create a plan including frequency, days/time to post and on which platform… for optimal engagement!


You will acquire the skills, tools, and processes needed to:

  • Create content
  • Add value
  • Engage and forge relationships
  • Optimise for search
  • Create Calls to Action
  • Build your email Lists
  • Build your brand
  • Implement Employee Advocacy
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Decide on which social platform - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Use the coolest automation tools



Dominate Social Media
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