Software Evaluation

Staying on top of and evaluating the latest software solutions is a challenging feat for any organisation.

Software Evaluation

Minimise the risk in selecting a software system

System Selection

Identify systems that provide a best fit for your business. Secondly, minimise the risk involved in selecting a solution.

Document Review

Create a competitive vendor bidding environment. Then, obtain higher quality vendor proposals.

Best Fit, Best Value

Receive transparent commercials offerings. Resulting to a reduced annual operating cost.

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 At Far North, we know that ICT evolves at a dizzying pace. Staying on top of and evaluating the latest software solutions is a challenging feat for any organisation.

Across the years we have unfortunately come across organisations that have purchased and deployed systems that are not fit for purpose. Quite often they have been large enterprise systems suited to multi-site, international plc’s rather than an SME for example.

As a result we created the fully objective and impartial Far North Qualification Process. We can uncover qualified technology solutions and service providers that can offer relevant technology that will positively impact your business and offer a return on investment.

Far North can offer expert guidance from our industry professionals to choose the right software solution and vendor to meet your business needs We can provide assistance on everything from establishing functional requirements to negotiating your vendor contract.

With existing solutions we can also review your annual support contracts to evaluate the SLA offering and perceived value. We look to uncover and potentially remove unused licences and functionality that has an associated annual cost.
Utilise our extensive experience to help you make an informed decision.

Latest Technology

Uncover technology opportunities for each area of your business such as ERP, MRP, CRM, CAD/CAM

Fit for Purpose

Identify the technology solutions that best suit your business needs

Approved Vendors

Qualify technology vendors using our extensive database of products and services


Provide Software / Technology Evaluation techniques and unbiased advice from our consulting specialists


Provide valuable information regarding specific software leasing finance avoiding a significant CAPEX

Contract Review

Ensure existing contracts are complying to the SLA and providing business value

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