What are SEO & Keywords?

What are SEO & Keywords? How to improve your business using google Keywords and SEO. What are SEOs? Have you heard of them? Yes? I will go into depth and length about what SEO is. It is one of the best methods to create a more extensive network of customers and help your company grow.…

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Is your business a ‘Vitamin’ Or ‘Painkiller’?

Is your business a ‘Vitamin’ Or ‘Painkiller’? I’ve just been looking in our old ‘Prospects’ folder at the projects we didn’t win. Quite often at the time of contact, the prospect had pain. Quite often following them reviewing the proposal, the prospect didn’t choose ANY of the suppliers. Maybe the pain had stopped ‘hurting’? Some…

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I love tight briefs

tight briefs

I love tight briefs. The tighter the better.And, it is my job to tighten them. Let me explain. A client contacts me and asks me for my help. The majority of the time, the goal is lead generation, new business…let’s not mess around here. It’s MOULA. Which my friends, is not a dirty word. It’s…

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Zero To £45,000 – Standing Out From The Crowd

Standing out from the crowd, ey? In my 21 years in the freight forwarding industry, I have always tried to find new ways to make money for the family business. I find it fascinating to try and attempt a new idea and love seeing it come off, even more so when there is a great…

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The most wonderful time of the year…to add customers.


I opened my first door this morning by 8AM, not the best time to eat chocolate but my advent calendar told me it was the 1st December. I’ve already lost count the amount of times I’ve heard things will start to quieten down. So a quiet few weeks ahead, what’s the plan? Let’s add some…

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Do you fear winning new business?

winning new business

Many businesses tell me that they would take on more work if they could only be sure that their production teams would be able to handle the work. Have you been in this situation? I have worked with many businesses that have said the same thing. The remedy, in most cases, is to sort out…

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Business Card Etiquette For Sales Professionals

Business Card

I was clearing out my desk recently, sorting through business cards and updating my CRM system with sales prospects and contacts…no more Rolodex. Whilst skipping through it got me thinking how I’ve rarely been happy with one of my business cards. The design of course is hard enough but then I can’t decide between printing…

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Is doing something better than doing nothing? Network.

Network blog

I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced something that hasn’t yielded the expected results. May I stretch that and say we’ve all been left to pick up the pieces from a nightmare project? Of course these fearful phenomena are industry agnostic. Maybe a mechanic is bewildered why the last garage didn’t replace the oil filter. Or…

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