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I’m sitting in the garden with a cuppa, soaking up the sun and reflecting on what has been an inspiring week.

I’d like to share with you one message I received from a client this week (permission was granted).

I’ve been coaching this chap for a few months now and he shared with me that I’d said three words recently that had impacted his business massively.

I was intrigued, what had resonated?

The words were to do with his senior management team meetings.

The words were simply…

“You Talk Last”

What I wanted him to try was, to lay down an issue and then to stop talking. Give no opinions, just ask their thoughts. He said the change, culture and dynamic has been remarkable!

Do you do this? If so what has been the impact? Do you have any similar tips for such meetings? Give it a try and let me know.

  • Empower your team
  • Let them shine
  • Allow ideas to develop
  • Don’t provide a bias
  • Don’t become surrounded with yes men and women
  • We’re all still learning
  • Try a new company approach
  • Don’t be THAT ‘Leader’
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