Is your business a ‘Vitamin’ Or ‘Painkiller’?

Is your business a ‘Vitamin’ Or ‘Painkiller’?

vitamin or painkiller

I’ve just been looking in our old ‘Prospects’ folder at the projects we didn’t win.

Quite often at the time of contact, the prospect had pain.

Quite often following them reviewing the proposal, the prospect didn’t choose ANY of the suppliers.

Maybe the pain had stopped ‘hurting’?

Some of our services are delivered during pain, we also have services that prevent pain, the ‘vitamin’.

I guess we could call our vitamins, ‘retainers’.

It’s a whole lot easier to close a deal when there is pain.

People will buy pain killers (drive revenue, lower costs) much more more readily than vitamins (nice to haves).

I like us to have both too.

So, is your business a ‘Vitamin’ Or A ‘Painkiller’?

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